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Steve Fox

for Assembly 2020
Persistent - Experience - Leadership

 Build a better California for a better tomorrow


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Education Comes First!


Former State Assemblyman achieved  getting a bill though the Assembly to build a four year college right here in the Antelope Valley.  Unfortunately the other legislative branch wanted another year to examine the issue.


Unfortunately fox didn't get re-elected, and his successor never introduced another bill to create the college.  Fox  if elected will get us our four year College. Fox will create more jobs. Fox will achieve our educational dream.

Fox also believes that during this COVID Virus, it is the parents who should decide if their children are educated at home or should attend their schools in person. Our children's safety must come first!

The Truth and Nothing But The Truth!

Tom Lackey is telling the public that hes' for education, their health care and creating Jobs. But he forgot to tell them that he voted each years for the last six years against the state budget that funds these programs. Lackey voted against funding our childrens' education, protecting our health care and creating jobs for our community. 

Former Assemblyman Steve Fox on the other hand voted  during each of his two years in the Assembly, for the State budget. Fox voted for our children's education, our health care and for the creation of jobs. Fox voted for our families.

July 12, 2019

Neighbors endorse Steve Fox for Assembly!


.  See a running list of his endorsements HERE!

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