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Hello neighbors,

My name is Steve Fox, I am a long-time public servant here in Southern California.  I have served at Antelope Valley College, at Antelope Valley Hospital, and as the Assembly-person for the 36th District here in the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys, for over two decades.

I am asking you as my neighbors and peers, to trust me again to get things moving in Sacramento, to represent EVERY member of the community, not just those "on my team".  I have always been an independent thinker and voter, I am a registered Democrat, but as you can plainly see by my voting record, I do not only vote for Democratic Party ideas and bills.  I believe in lots of polling so that I can vote the way my community wants me to, this way I represent YOU, and not some decision maker in a political party, that may not have YOUR best interests in their heart.


I look forward to this campaign season, where I can again talk to you about my ideas, and hear back from you all about your ideas.  I look forward to rigorous debates, small conversational gatherings, and above all in representing you again, the way YOU want to be represented, instead of ignoring your voices and values.



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