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Hello neighbors,

My name is Steve Fox.  I am a long-time public servant here in the Antelope Valley.  I have served at Antelope Valley College, at Antelope Valley Hospital, and as the Assembly-person for the 36th District here in the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys, for over two decades.

I am asking you as my neighbors and peers, to trust me again to put the AV first and get things moving in Sacramento, and to represent every member of our community, not just those on "my team".  I have always been an independent thinker and voter, as you can plainly see by my voting record, I strive to serve you.  I believe in lots of polling so that I can vote the way my community wants me to, this way I represent you, and not some decision-maker in a political party, that may not have your best interests in their heart.  While serving in the State Assembly, I took polls to find out your opinion before I voted.  I believe I should vote and do what you want, I am your voice in Sacramento.


I look forward to this campaign season, where I can talk to you about my ideas, and hear back all about your ideas.  I look forward to rigorous debates, small conversational gatherings, about the way you want to be represented, instead of ignoring your voices and values. I look forward to representing you.

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