"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I work for you. We need to create more living-wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety a top priority. With two decades of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. We must make our schools SAFE, we must install metal detectors, cameras, and increase police surveillance.:

Education is a lifelong experience, our government has a duty and obligation to assist us in this endeavor and once education has been gained, it can never be taken away from the person.

While I served in the State Assembly, I served on the State's Secondary Education Committee, as well as Chairman of the States's Community College Committee.

While there, I supported a greater funding formula for our district's Secondary Schools. As a result, Palmdale school District and others received greater funds for our children's education.  I also helped push through the new 'Middle-Class Scholarship Act', which gave middle-class students a discount on the costs of college.

I authored building a university here in the Antelope Valley, and it passed the Assembly!  The Senate wanted another year to evaluate the issue.  I didn't get re-elected and no one picked up the gauntlet.  If elected,  I will build that university right here and right now.

Steve Fox: Assemblyman

... and THAT is what The Fox says!

DCFS Reforms

We are all aware that something is wrong, and that it is costing us the lives of the most precious gifts, our children, our future.  It must stop now.

I will demand that a public oversight board be established and granted with the power to create checks and balances, and reform mechanisms, including punitive and legal remedies, to end the systemic corruption and willful disregard of our families and their well being.

Enough is enough!  I can not stand to see one more family destroyed because of an over-exaggerated sense of superiority or because a small mistake was made, or because of personal biases and prejudices!

If someone is hurting children, they must be made to stop! 

As a state, we need to change our vision on this broken system, and some of its faulty ideas.  We need to decide to focus on reuniting and strengthening families whenever possible, removing the incentives to tear families apart.  Not all families can be fixed, but many of the families that are torn apart were never broken to begin with.  Parents sometimes need help learning better ways to deal with trauma.


There is really no reason to ever have homeless people .  We live in an "Digital Nation", and along with these advancements in technology, manufacturing, and agriculture, we experience displacement of our labor forces, and this leads to increases in homelessness and poverty.

I think it's time we put our public servant to work making a plan that we can all agree on.  A plan that keeps the streets safe and clean, reduces crime and poverty and puts a great deal of people  back to work.

Veterans NEVER deserve to be left out in the cold.

Children NEVER deserve to be left out in the cold.

Seniors NEVER deserve to be left out in the cold.

The disabled NEVER deserve to be left out in the cold.


We obviously need to develop a state plan to address our growing healthcare needs while putting an end to the insurance system's outrageous prices, and administrative waste in the industry.

The current Virus COVID-19 may return or it may mutate in the future.  We must be prepared. We must have the government invest in a cure and future types of inoculations.  Let's purchase the needed life-saving equipment now. We cannot allow the loss of one more life.  Its time for California to set the pace, again.  Let's lead the way so the nation can see how it's done. 

Let's outlaw any "Share of Cost".  The public should never be nickel and dimed to death.  Our  Veterans should be able to go to ANY health facility at no cost. We have a debt to them we can never repay.


Regardless of your position on Climate Change, we are stewards of the earth like it or not.  It is literally the only home we have and we are tasked with caring for it. However, we can not allow new legislation to derail business and job growth.

So let's work together to make sure we have clean air, earth, and water, and to set standards and boundaries with FAIR consequences that detour abuse and neglect, but not limit our potential for creating jobs.

Small Business Incentives

I always work tirelessly to represent my local small businesses as they are the cornerstone of our communities.

If re-elected to the State Assembly, I will draft state-level incentive programs for counties and municipalities to join me in my support of local small businesses.

I often hear from small business owners that various obstacles make opening and running a business hard. These hard working people are a major source of our states higher-paying jobs.  We need to develop a plan to incentivize the various counties and municipalities to streamline, or expedite opening or expanding our local very small businesses, and to adopt new best practices designed intentionally to promote the creation and retention of new small businesses.

Victims of Violent Crimes

I can not believe we are still not doing a good enough job protecting victims of violent crimes from their perpetrators!  This loophole must be closed!

I will immediately draft a bill to create a statute and codify into state law that no victim of a violent crime shall ever be ordered to pay their perpetrator restitution, alimony, or child support.  I am a family law attorney, and I see case after case where an abusive and violent person will exploit the system to further intimidate, harass, and control their victims.  No more!  Not on my watch!

I will include retroactive reversal of such orders and only a special review can alter the status quo I establish.  On a case by case basis, we can address special issues where perhaps both parties were abusive and violent and where they both are neither victim or sole wrongdoer.  Family Law is very intense and very detailed because all families are different and every case is unique. I am not going to overlook that. 

If the will of the people permits, I may even include a provision that will impose a reverse order against a perpetrator attempting to abuse the system to further abuse their victims.